The names of Irish Lakes

List of Lakes Ireland by County. This is a list of the names of lakes in each county in Ireland.  The partial list below does not include every county that a lake borders on.  The final list will contain that detail.


Pallas Lake Offaly
Lough Cloghan Offaly
Lough Boora Offaly
Lough Coura Offaly
Lough Fin Offaly
Lough sheelin Meath
Lough ervey Meath
rahans Lough Meath
ballyhoe Lake Meath
Lough bane Meath
Lough breaky Meath
whitewood Lake Meath
newcastle Lake Meath
croboy Lake Meath
white Lough Meath
Lough naneagh Meath
Loughanalbanagh Monaghan
ballyhoe Lake Monaghan
rahans Lake Monaghan
descrat Lake Monaghan
greaghloneLake Monaghan
Lough fea Monaghan
Lough moynalty Monaghan
Lough bougagh Monaghan
Lough muckno Monaghan
boss Lake Monaghan
Lough egish Monaghan
Lough morne Monaghan
shantonagh Lake Monaghan
bellatrain Lake Monaghan
Lough bawn Monaghan
Lough derrygooney Monaghan
black Lough Monaghan
Lough avaghon Monaghan
inner Lake Monaghan
dromore Lake Monaghan
drumlona Lake Monaghan
white Lake Monaghan
drumgole Lake Monaghan
long Lake Monaghan
Lough major Monaghan
corfin Lake Monaghan
cordoo Lake Monaghan
shee Lake Monaghan
drumcaw lake Monaghan
GlassLough Monaghan
Lough carra Mayo
Lough conn Mayo
carrowmore Lake Mayo
Lougherglass Mayo
cloonagh Lough Mayo
levally Lough Mayo
carrowkeribly Lough Mayo
Lough cullin Mayo
Lough corrib Mayo
Lough mask Mayo
islandeady Lake Mayo
beltra Lake Mayo
castlebar Lake Mayo
furnace Lake Mayo
glencullin Lough Mayo
Lough doo Mayo
fin Lough Mayo
mannin Lake Mayo
island Lake Mayo
Lough caheer Mayo
urlaur Lake Mayo
Lough feeagh Mayo
Lough ree Roscommon
Lough rynn Roscommon
Lough key Roscommon
Lough gara Roscommon
Lough funshinagh Roscommon
cavetown Lake Roscommon
Lough o flynn Roscommon
clogher Lake Roscommon
Lough bally Roscommon
Lough errit Roscommon
coonagh Lough Roscommon
cloonacolly Lough Roscommon
Lough glinn Roscommon
Lough annaghmore Roscommon
kilglass Lake Roscommon
Lough boderg Roscommon
cloonfree Lake Roscommon
ardkillen Lake Roscommon
fin Lough Roscommon
Lough croan Roscommon
Lough cuilleenirwan Roscommon
Lough colgagh Sligo
Lough meelagh Sligo
talt Lough Sligo
Lough gill Sligo
glencar Lough Sligo
colgagh Lough Sligo
carrigeencorLough Sligo
Lough arrow Sligo
Lough gara Sligo
Lough gill Sligo
cloonty Lake Sligo
skean Lake Sligo
Lough easky Sligo
templehouse Lake Sligo
toberscanavan Lake Sligo
ballydawley Lake Sligo
marfield Lake Tipperary
Lough derg Tipperary
Lough curra Tipperary
Lough diheen Tipperary
borheen Lake Tipperary
muskry Lough Tipperary
bayLough Tipperary
Lough ash Tyrone
Lough braden Tyrone
moor Lough Tyrone
Lough lee Tyrone
Lough tay Wicklow
Lough ouler Wicklow
Lough nahanagan Wicklow
upper Lake Wicklow
lower Lake Wicklow
Lough bray uppr/lwr Wicklow
belle Lake Waterford
bally Lough Waterford
ballyscanlan Lake Waterford
coumshingaun Waterford
crottys Lough Waterford
comeragh Loughs Waterford
coumstilloge Loughs Waterford
coumduala Lough Waterford
tacumshin Lake Wexford
Lough glore Westmeath
white Lake Westmeath
Lough lene Westmeath
Lough ennell Westmeath
mount dalton Lake Westmeath
Lough derravaragh Westmeath
Lough owel Westmeath
Lough ree Westmeath
Lough killinure Westmeath
coosan Lake Westmeath
Lough naneagh Westmeath
Lough iron Westmeath
Lough bane Westmeath
Lough garr Westmeath
Lough drin Westmeath
brittas Lough Westmeath
slevins Lake Westmeath
Lough sheever Westmeath